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The interview alone was fine, U will be given an article and allowed to discuss with your group members first, so anything U dun understand regarding to the article, you may raise it up during the discussion time. If u get nice group mates, the interview will go very smooth. So try to help each other and be nice during the interview.

The English test is a killer if u are from poly and your English is not stellar enough. It's a mini version of GP (A level English). Just do quickly and answer as many questions as possible. I am not sure the how important the English test as the admission factor cos I dun think I did well in it neither.

The duration of everything possibly last for more than 3 hours. For my session, I reported at 1:20pm and left the school around 5 pm. Anyway it would be a nice experience for you ! All the best and good luck ! For a girl simply wear a dress will be nice enough!
Thank you so much for your reply! I got a D for my GP though.. I'm really anxious and idk what to expect.. the whole thing and it's duration seemed really daunting for me- especially i'm more of the shy type and not very outspoken..
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