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I received a call from the SMU business today- and I'm required to go for English test and interview. I've read many forums and blog post abt it and they said it's like a GRP interview.. Anyone have anymore details abt it?

What are the possible dress code for female?
And does the whole process really last for 3h? Because I heard that the compre + conpo test is approx 1h15 mins. Then the rest of interview for 1h45 mins?

Please help out thank you!!
I am currently studying bm in SMU and I thought I should give you some tips for the interview and I hope this would make things easier for you!

So you will be given an article to read before the interview and a grace period to discuss with your interview batch mates. After which, you would be brought into the interview room where there will be professors facilitating the interview. In my personal opinion, the interview is not pressurising at all because it is really more like a discussion than an interview? So as long as you have utilise the time before to construct your thoughts and voice them out coherently during the interview, you are fine!

1) During the pre-interview discussion, MAKE FRIENDS! Get comfortable. So you would be less awkward to voice out your opinions during the discussion.

2) When you have a point at the back of your mind, don't hesitate to voice it out. If you do, people might just say it before you do and you have to painstakingly think of another point to say. The point of the interview is really to see if you are suitable for SMU's vocal and interactive environment, it doesn't really matter imo if you are right or wrong.

3) Dress smartly (formal wear) and smile more for bonus points!!!

It is really quite fun if you don't see it as an interview. As for the written test, don't fret and just construct it like any other essays (Stand -> Agree -> Disagree -> Conclusion). If you struggle with it, you'd probably find out that you are not the only one. All the best! :-)
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