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The flow will be 10 mins essay writing + a short(10-15mins) 2 to 1 interview.

For essay, you are only required to write 3 paras. can be any discussion topics under the sun.

Interview wise will be a 2 to 1 type. 1 Prof and 1 senior student. Same thing, they will bombard you with all sorts of qns, from simple ones like why nbs, why should we accept you to tough one like how do you envisage SG50 celebration, should females in sg serve,etc.

Dont worry, the fact that they shortlisted you for the interview means you are one foot in NBS. Do your best and god will do the rest! Goodluck!
Hello...I think what you really need to do is to speak coherently at the interview. I did my interview in 2013 and is admitting this year. Maybe I can share a few possible qn that they may ask.

1. Why is ur gp grade an E. What would u do to improve it? (Actual qn asked except it was abt my O levels English which was a B3 - poly grad)

2. In what ways can you contribute to NTU/NBS?

3. Applied to any other uni and which will u accept if u receive more than 1 offer?

The essay qn is usually generic qn like what is ur aspiration, what is ur ambition, along those lines.

All the best!
Didn't get to thank you two for replying me! I got to read your replies when I was travelling to ntu for the interview! both of you spotted the qns correctly but I honestly think I replied very badly and will fail the interview.... is it possible to appeal for another interview?? When will they start informing us about interview results? I feel like I threw away my chance to get into nbs T__________T

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