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Hi all,
Would like to seek some opinion on this aircon matters as I am a noob in this.

Went to Courts weeks ago and was recommended EuropAce System 3 Aircon by the sale personnel. She mentioned that EuropAce is a singapore company and this aircon was using Mitsubishi motor. Remote control was better as there is light so night can see. Compared to StarMex is $1k different. EuropAce cost $2899.

I did a google search and found a aircon company for this EuropAce that charge only $2,500. But then the sale guy told me another side is that EuropAce aircon is new and spare parts are harder to find in market. So he suggested me to go for Mitsubishi Electric System 3, SCM60ZJ-S1 (outside unit) and SRK25ZMA-S (indoor unit x 3). Price is $2,700.

Now I am big headed with these brand and models. Please share your opinion. Thanks
Courts is away expansive.

But how come mitsubishi electric mixed with MItsubishi heavy industrial condenser?

My set bought from IMM AllBest without topup 5 years warranty just less than $2600 only for ME system 3 Starmex inverter.
AllBest have provide 36mths zero interest with CC services also.

For MHI slighly cheaper than ME, to be honest don't go for EuropAce.. The brand was rare.

Againt they offer you for MHI compressor just 20k btu / 3 units = 6.8k btu for each room, seem like not really sufficient.

If you were go for ME compressor model : 3A28VA at least each room has slight higher from 8.5k btu.

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