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I intending to have 4 aircon units (3 bedroom + 1 living rm).
Main use in MBR for now (and likely won't use it every night, some nights just use to cool the room down etc); living room only when guests over or super hot day or haze day.
Should be getting ME, but not too sure in terms of configuration.
Should I get one system 3 (for the 3 BRs) + one just for the LR; or a system 4? The 1st setup cost like 1k more, is it worth it cos will save electical bills compared to system 4?
And if system 4, is 3A28VA enough? or need 4A38VA ?
Looking at 9k for each of the BRs and either 18k/24k for the living room.
Also, let me know if any special promotions or sale for aircon ongoing now, shd b buying in the next wk or two.
Thanks much .
System 3 or 4 the maximum hdb flat required on 8.5A = 1930w only, turn on 4 or 3 Rooms the wattage is almost the same, unless your is private properties.
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