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(No, this doesn't mean that the female Rangers automatically get pet wolves! It's just a picture, folks!)

Lot of "under the surface" stuff happening at ACE this week!

The Guinecean Slayer was well-received on Tuesday -- a little TOO well-received for an April Fool's Day joke, actually. He turned out a lot more popular than we expected! (and who knows, perhaps he'll become a future stretch goal?)

Our design team did a full pass on the documentation that details how land ownership (and the fealty trees) work in the Eternal Kingdom, and started to detail out the UI for building and parcel placement. We have to tackle this first, because the parcel system is part of the foundation that will be used for generating unique Campaign Maps, too!

Our tech team spent the week making the changes to the combat system -- revisiting the base concepts of movement and targeting, as we discussed last week on the Crowns & Crows and Gold & Glory podcast.

On the art side, we're creating swappable equipment for the Knight, concepting Hunger-infected versions of our (also unlocked!) Mounts and catching up on some archetype and building concept art.

In fact, another of the archetype concepts is ready for you now: the female Ranger! As an added bonus to this one, we've given her a wolf pet -- since we achieved that stretch goal when we crossed the $1.7m line in Kickstarter!
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