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Hi guys, need your urgent advice.

i need to urgently replace my current home system 2 (non-inverter) to Starmex System 2 Inverter. In fact have not finalize if I should get Starmex or Panasonic.

I have spoken to Tat Hai Repair Centre and Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering. Both quoted very similiar price.

As I will be posted overseas in about 3 years time. I really need this investment a worth it one as the current Panasonic Sys 2 Non-Inverter only lasted 6yrs.

Anyone has recommendation of retailer or contractor and what piping to look out for or any other details?

Thanks and best regards.
Panasonic almost the same from previous design and added some extra feature like econavi else..

If you want enjoy the comfort air with more quiet operates should go with Starmex inverter.
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