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Cool Value for money

I just change my tyres(Primacy 3) and rims from Hup Heng Ang,it's really good value for usual they did a complimentary check for the car.i was shocked that they highlighted that my spark plug needs to be change with less than a week from last servicing at Hanip Auomobile.they showed me the filthy spark plug and carbon flush wasn't being done.i'll be burning money changing my spark plug week in and out as long as the carbon flush not being was really disappointing that i spend over 600 plus at hanip automobile and that's the end product i received.sorry to side track a bit,anyway all the problems was fixed after my last visit to Hup Heng Ang,( brake screeching sound,Side mirror loosen Etc ) that was never even being look into by Hanip automobile.and i would say Hup Heng Ang was really helpful in terms of checking almost every single components of your car,and they would always advise you on the pros and cons of the highlighted parts whether or not you be changing.most importantly seek your approval before changing it and no hard selling.i'll think after the latest visit.i'm more willing than ever now to endure the hours long jam to Jb just to seek their expertise.Hope my review really helps,sorry for the long winded story as i really gets angsty at point of writing.lolx
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