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If you did ok for interview then no problem lor. Sure get offers.

Gained quite a few good inputs from here. Thought that I should share

All my friends are from DBA
Friend #1: GPA 3.88, O Level Eng B3 and abv (not sure abt l1r4) got an offer from NUS (Biz Adm)
Friend #2: GPA 3.86, l1r4:12 (Eng C5), went for ntu interview on late March, Received offer from NBS (Biz) on 2April. Went for SMU interview on late March as well, no news yet.
Friend #3: GPA 3.96 , L1R4 single digit (not sure of the exact number) Received NBS (Accountancy) offer through early admission

Me: GPA 3.87, L1R4 13 (Eng C6), went for SMU(Acc) interview on Feb, NBS(Acc) interview on Early March, no news yet. Good Luck to all applicants!

PS: Here's my first post.
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