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Just did my servicing and replacement of parts with Jet auto
A Honest and friendly chap i must say, when i met him, he drive my 07 Fit around the place to find out the problem of my car.
We had a chat in the Car, he say that he's with KAH Motor for 6 years, and quit because he find it very xiong to go in and out of custom everyday.
At 1st i abit worry about puting my car in his care while i go do my thing, but he assure me that's its ok, as he will be jacking the car high up, and mention that most of his customer put the car in his ws and went fishing.
So i put the purge and leave the car to him, while he ask his brother to drive me to near by the store to watch movie or do some shopping.

for the price of the service, we had already agreed on the price of things to change in whatapps, his number remain unchange
before commencing on the job when Jet look through my parts, he say an idle valve, i told him i need it to solve my vibration problem, he say dont need, just replace mounting will do.
instead of straight away n go ahead to change and charge me for a fee to do the job, he ask me to ask for refund from the stock list.
here's the list of job i ask him to do

do coolant flush
change gear box oil - i give you my HMMF oil
change 2 behind shock absorber - i give parts
change all engine mounting - parts i provide
Change fan belt - parts i provide
Change Brake oil

Total work took more than 4 hours, and he really give me a very good price, which i feel abit Pai seh also.

And i promise to spread his good words around.
anyway he also have lobang and shares with other WS which do accessories and grooming, if you need any of these, you and go through him and the WS can give you a good price on that.

before its his shopfront and name card, do make a call before going down, when i was there, there was a oby coming in later, heng i was 1st to reach there so he gg wait for me lol.

shop front
can repost contact and address?
seem like image down
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