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repost namecard again

his dad is actually there, i ask him why dun wan to hire more hands, he say he rather do the work himself so he can maintain his quality of work.
the 1st time i met him, i actually came before he even open so he can start the work early.
do inform him before you went down
while waiting do try the stall that sell char kway teow behind his WS, there's also a fried chicken stall as well. you can request him to bring you to nearby the Store shopping centre, but there got limited stuff to see....
not only honda, other Japanese or korean brand car he can do as well.
Just make sure you bring the correct parts in.
but for continent car, he have some challenge in do, so best is not to engage him.
he himself say he also scare to touch european cars.
Mee Siam Mai Hum!
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