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I need some help regarding choosing of Aircon. My existing Daikin inverted sys 2 die on me few months ago. I only use 1 Aircon for sleeping at night & the other 1 hardly use at all. They are about 10 years old.
My contractor suggested MK71 initially as he said tt if my master bedroom Aircon die (it is on a single compressor w 18k blower) I can link it to Mk71 to join my the other two rooms. He quoted me $2500 for compressor n two 9k blowers. I find the price for MK71 is a little too steep so I ask for cheaper alternative so he suggested MA56 which is non inverter and quoted $1800 for compressors n two 9k blowers. Price quoted doesn't incl change of pipe.
I stay in a condo most of the existing piping is not conceal except for about 2m hidden under fault ceiling so he advice me not to change existing piping if not hv to cut part of my fault ceiling. 😥
I saw Panasonic inverter sys 2 on offer & ask my contractor. He quoted me $1850 & told me tt there is $200 free Ntuc vouchers too.
Pls need some advises
1. Should I change my existing piping? If I m to change, contractor suggest to run a new trunking which is really ugly. He is afraid if I do new piping in the existing trunking, it wl affect other piping or damage part of the trunking. is this true? I know of neighbors who change new piping using existing trunking 2 years ago & no problem.
2. If not changing existing piping should I go for Daikin MA56 or Panasonic Sys 2? If I go for Panasonic, I wl not be able to link my master bedroom to it should my existing one die
3. Is it worth to pay more for inverter system (MK71 vs MA56)?as I only use abt 8 hrs for 9 mths a year?
Appreciate your kind advise. Thanks in advance.
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