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avoid PIA. i tried them for 2 days.

- slow to connect/disconnect
- not so easy to configure
- lousy customer support. you are like communicating to a robot

- cheaper

i am initiating a refund now. i just tested astrill.

pros and cons are exact opposite of PIA. plus their application is superb. so i dont mind paying extra once a year!

by the way, if you need more information can PM or email me. im glad to help. but join under my referral. thanks.
I've been trying out PIA (on hk & uk servers)for the better part of today and so far I'm pretty satisfied.

Replies fast on their online chat, >4MB/s torrent speeds, able to watch BBC iplayer in HD without too buffering(no netflix/hulu sub to test), no slow downs in web surfing, straight forward configuration using their client on both W7 and OSX.

Only thing left to try is to see whether they honour their 7 days refund. I might just go for the 12 month plan.

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