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A short review on my 1 yrs old Mit Starmax aircron, and btw thru out this period i always clean my filter every 2 weeks and call pro to wash every 3 months, after using ea time i leave 1hr for fan mode and nvr eat in room.... but i'm having a very bad odour smell ( sometimes it smells like toilet) abt more than half of the time having these smells its damm disppointed... everytime after my cleaning the smell still there and after the washing by pro service 1 or 2 days ltr it came back... i hav contacted both Mit & courts both tech hav come down sevral times but failed to rectify.... all they say is might be due to bed sheets etc for the smell, so i asked them "so ur aircorn only can work in an empty room in order not to generate any smell?" they cant ans.... ive tried the advice given by them open the window, placed charcoal ontop etc but result still the same and one tech used detergent put a few drops ontop the coil but none works... i wonder wats is the real problem zzz

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