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i did the speed test on PIA and Astrill.

Astrill is just much faster in terms of US server.

PIA seems to be a little faster in SG server.

i have some problem with t0rr3nts downloading witb Astrill. Does t0rr3nt download work with those Astrills' server that come with an asterisk?

Are all PIA servers t0rr3nt friendlyt?

How are you able to do that?

I'm on PIA. Before VPN I can achieve torrent speed of about 5-6MB, after VPN to either HK or even SG server. the throughput is only like 20-30kB, Think will trigger for refund. Too slow.

Run some test using uTorrent. Without vpn download is 11MB/s, with PIA vpn connected is 70kB/s... It's just too slow...
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