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Hey guys,

I am a JC student, just did my A Levels.
I am very interested in Chemical Engineering in NUS.
According to the IGP 2015, NUS Chemical Enginnering is AAA/B CC (3H2/1H1 GP/PW) minimum.
I got AAB/A CB.

In terms of rank points, I just meet the cut-off for the bottom 10% of students in NUS Chem Engg. (83.75 rp)

Do you think I stand a chance?

Also, what is the key difference between NUS and NTU Chemical Engineering? What would you guys recommend?
I will not be able to give a definite ans because afterall is the admission office and school will consider, not me. So this is just what I think: you do have a chance because you meet the igp, however have to take note that it depends on the year students who are applying and what grades they actually have because if lets say the course is popular for this year, and majority of people with ues 85 applying for it, then it will be difficult for yours, but if the igp remains as it is, you do stand a chance. So afterall, it really depends on the cohort for this year, I think! (Ps if I'm wrong in saying that)

And I feel that nus chemical engineering considered good if you are the one that look into their ranking position because I think they are ranked 5th in the world? But if you are those that don't bother abt this but rather curriculum or modules etc, then maybe got to ask ppl who study in this field bah. Sry can't help much for this...

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