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not necessary. the listed countries code are china and uae only. i provided my mobile no. during the chat with the cso. and when the verification code was sent to me, the verification code was incorrect. the cso asked for the code and get my acc verified at the back end.

i think it is still safe as they do not keep any log. they have no log record to pinpoint that what website or files you had downloaded. your mobile phone just show that you are a use with Astrill, that's all. that's just my opinion though.

Actually at the time of registration with Astrill, we MUST provide our mobile number (so that they will send an activation code). This mobile phone cannot be edited to a fake number later, as it is locked to your account.

That means the activities can be traced to you through the telcom if necessary. Sort of defeat the purpose of vpn for some people.

Anyway Astrill seems to be a favorite here and I myself is using it without too many issues. I wish Astrill can take privacy more seriously.
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