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that is really informative!

thank for the effort!

i guess you had just convinced more users to subscribe to Astrill, at least for me.

Just did a test during peak hours on some of Astrill torrenting servers (those with * beside it), I didn't test all of it, too tiring

My broadband speed = 200Mbps
Filesize = 1.08GB

Torrenting without VPN
via ISP = 24MB/s (or 192Mbps)

Torrenting with VPN
USA Seattle = 15MB/s (120Mbps)

USA Phoenix 2 = 15MB/s (120Mbps)

USA San Francisco = 15MB/s (120Mbps)

USA Salt Lake City = 14MB/s (112Mbps)

USA Dallas 1 = 12MB/s (96Mbps)

USA Portland = 12MB/s (96Mbps)

Australia 2 = 12MB/s (96Mbps)

Australia 1 = 10MB/s (80Mbps)

USA Fremont = 8MB/s (64Mbps)

USA Miami = 7MB/s (56Mbps)

USA China Optimized 2 = 6MB/s (48Mbps)

USA Las Vagas = 5MB/s (40Mbps)

USA Los Angeles 1 = 4MB/s (32Mbps)

USA Los Angeles 2 = 2MB/s (16Mbps)

USA China Optimized 1 = 2MB/s (16Mbps)

Canada 1 = 2MB/s (16Mbps)
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