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Hello! I went for the Soci interview last year ... which means I'm finishing my first year at NTU soon! Anyway, there is a written test first, they you will be given an article and asked to analyse it (ie; what is the main point the author is trying to say? why do you think he/she is writing this article) ...

After you are done, the papers will be collected, then you will wait with other candidates in the room. Profs will come and call your name and you will follow them to your interview!

For me this was the most stressful part cos' I didn't know what to expect initially but the profs (I had two, hahaha special case, usually it's just one!) who interviewed me were very nice! They asked me about current affairs, or what I knew was happening in recent news. It happened to be one day after Thailand imposed martial law last year, so I talked about that and they asked me if I felt it was a coup or not After that, I also talked about MH370 (cos it was also quite recent from last year) and the Sewol ferry sinking, and they asked me what I could relate to from these two incidents ...

Then moving on, they asked me a few personal questions (why Soci etc), and I remembered the last question was what my hobbies were. By then I was quite relaxed, so I said "reading ... and uh, does cooking count?" and the profs just chuckled and that was it!

Good luck!

Thank you very much for your reply.. My interview went very well and I am really hopeful to get into NTU sociology.. Your help is greatly appreciated.. May i know how long after your interview the acceptance letter arrived?
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