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Hi Kim and Terumo, my questions is very similar to Gaoz7 what about if my isolator is based on 20A?
Does that mean that i can go for the 4A38VA?

Can i also know what are the pro and con or getting a system 4 vs a 3+1 in this case if i mostly on the mbr aircon at night at 27 degree?

By the way, it is advisable to turn on fan mode without the aircon to treat it as a fan?
Mind to share what is your home type or have any floor plan?

System 3 like ME 3A28VA able to supply on 3 rooms for turn on at same time, the current was lock at limitations on 8.5A, configuration base on 10k x 2 + 13k btu, from the temp setting on 25C with low fan speed = very sifficient already.

Add addition single split for your opinion how big of the btu do you want?
18k or 24k? If 24k without current limitation from 1830w by ME inverter + 1900w ME system 3.

Total for 3760w = 15.1Amp, again your Aircon ledge enough space to place for 2 compressor at same place?

If getting 4A38VA ME just remove the current limit the compressor can hit up 38k Btu, I don't think will be underpower than getting 3 + 1.

Also ME 4A38VA compressor size just 900x900mm only.
Can fit at any place even without Aircon ledge or window got clearance height for loaded out.

IF ME 4A38VA with current limitations still able to cooling n supply for 4 rooms base on 10x 3 + 13k btu configuration setup.

Just look at this from outdoor compressor very huge size

Space is the required.

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