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I looking for a system 3 that is long lasting. My current System 3 Mitsubishi Heavy Industry died on me and the current Mitsubishi Electric aka StarMex have condensation issues after 4~5yrs.. anything to recommend? I planning to replace the piping and everything.

My aircon guys wanna do system test again and it will take months to resolve as suspect leak on the piping. I just dont trust them and want the nightmare to end!

Btw Best Tech service SUCKS! The piping skill is rubbish... This is not the 1st time.

I thinking of Daikin but dunno the service is good with fair price.

Go with daikin, my units 15yrs still runnning. Servicing only once after 9yrs of usage (too dirty, needs chemical wash).

mid usage, everyday abt 8hrs.

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