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air con cleaning (starmex)

HI guys,

I tried to clean my air con previously, and while i did it without dismantling much, i thought it will be easier to dismantle the blower and remove it so cleaning can be a breeze. The blower was FILLED with thick black dust that no air was coming out back then. After clearing the dust, i was amazed by how much air was coming out.

If you noticed the numbering, 1 is where there are screws, after unscrew, the blower can be tilted downwards abit to do cleaning. The right side (number 2) cannot be unscrewed as i need to remove the motor first. I am worried that i cannot fix it back or damage the cables if i did not handle it properly.

Sorry for the quality of pic and small number.

Any experts have similar air con and can advice?

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