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bloodborne really tt fun mah? i scared game too hard me noob gamer
bloodborne will either man you up and make you a hardcore gamer


beat you down that you will quit gaming forever..

nah..just kidding

But really, it's not THAT hard. I don't consider myself a hardcore player and even i already at about 75-80% of the game already. So far the only boss i got trouble is Martyr Logarius....the rest of the bosses i downed them in less than 10 tries each.

Easiest is the Witch of Hemwick, followed by Cleric Beast and Rom. (the 3 i KO them in single try).

Martyr Logarius, Blood Starved Beast, Father Gasgoigne are the bane of my existence. Martyr Logarius took me more than 20 tries (T_T)
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