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You can graduate from all 3 universities in less than 3 years. NBS 2.5years(with honours), NUS 3 years (without honours), SMU 3 years.

If you want to work in Big 4, study NBS because it is the shortest and has direct honours. Most of the NBS accounting students go to Big 4, so you will have a huge advantage in term of personal network.

If you want good branding in your resume, go SMU. Many companies like SMU students as they are very vocal. But after your first job, your qualification is irrelevant.

If you want to work in government sector, go NUS.

If you just want to rely on your school to get a job/internship, go SMU. if can't, go NBS.

If you want to start work asap, go NBS.

If you want to earn >5k a month, be in the dean list and be president/VP of a club or chairperson of an event.

If you can't get into local university, be a salesman (property agent, financial planner, insurance agent, or b2b salesman). Don't be discourage if you go this route because VERY GOOD salesman can earn 100k a year. At least you still have a shot to be climb up the social ladder (Social mobility).

The bottom line is that it does not matter which business school you study in. If you are good, companies will headhunt you or/and you can earn alot of money regardless which school you are in. Only the weak will rely on their school for their own future. Degree is becoming irrelevant in today's society.
Hi all, i received acceptance from Nanyang business school and NUS business school for business admin degree.
I can't decide between the two Uni
Any advice or tips to help me decide?
I come from poly with related diploma so i will get 20MC exemption
Note: Putting transportation school fees aside

See ur diploma is what: NBS if u lucky at most can siam two modules (usually is finance or accounting module or econs)

NUS i not too sure, must take some placement exam or what

Just go ntu if u wanna quickly grad..

nus if u wan hons must take FYP (3 + 1 yr)

SMU ( hear say is alot of class part, see u like talk or not)

U guy or girl?

If guy can take sometime before ns go look at the different modules.

some different in the subject concentrations.

e.g finance in nus i think u can mix and match the modules, not too sure about this.

Nbs finance have to follow roughly fixed modules only a few can choose ur own

smu not sure..

actually if u really zai , not much different in the content.. problem is see can get gpa 5 or not if u want "good" job like investment banking// consulting firm// insert first class jobs

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