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Yeap Well.. I chose NTU over NUS cos...

1. I don't have to take QET (my GP grade is kinda sucky so..)
2. I want to experience how living in hall is like. All year 1s are guaranteed a spot in hall if they apply for one in NTU. It's kinda compeititive over at NUS I heard.
3. I think NUS is more competitive than NTU (?)
So i guess I'm kinda on the losing end by entering FOS with a grade that's below the 10th percentile of the cohort
4. I prefer the first-come-first-serve system over at NTU for choosing your modules.
5. NTU offers you direct honours (it can be good/ bad depending on your results tho)

That's about all I guess
Oh ya, which course are you looking at?
Hahaha yeah i heard that generally it gets quite competitive in NUS..across all aspects but i like the seemingly more vibrant lifestyle i came across during previous open houses which made me lean towards NUS. I applied for NTU Econs and NUS fass first choice, faculty of science is a backup just in case haha. Oh i didnt know NTU didnt need to go for QET! But luckily i managed a C for GP so..
So what course are you currently studying in NTU?
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