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Hi guys need some help here.
This is my first time buying aircon for my humble office in an industrial building.
Ceiling height is 3m. Layout is as stated in the picture.

I have asked for site survey from Courts (Fujitsu) and other companies.
Each said different things.

Courts sales person said I should get 1 x System 2 (around 2800 BTU total)
Site survey (did not do any measurement when he came) said I should get 2 x System 1 (BTU 2000 each)
Experienced property agent said I should be able to make do with just system 2 because the area is small.
There are a few who recommended System 3 and System 4

I am very confused because I would want to have a well airconditioned place for the next few years and yet I do not want to splurge on the aircon as at the end of the day, it is a rental unit. Just need the aircon to be reliable for the next 4 years.

Please help me. TIA!!

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