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Hi everyone,

This is my first post, and maybe the last, at this forum. I created an account specially to share my story as I read through this forum and realised there are a number of people who feel hopeless about applications.

I am admitted into NUS FASS with a rank points of 72.75, and yes, without DA, without MTL bonus points. I really don't believe it at first, as, after reading through countless of threads and hearing that FASS only accept people with RP 75 and above for normal route, according to many other people who are already in FASS.

Furthermore, i am really unsure as i ticked 'yes' for the section on whether i want to opt for the MTL bonus point system or not. Also, i submitted 3 recommendation letters to give it a shot for DA. Hence, i am really confused as to which scheme i am admitted under.

I received the package on Tuesday, and received my offer last Friday. It is so unbelievable, I called NUS office of admissions and FASS themselves for at least 3 times. The people at NUS office of admissions said that if you are admitted under MTL bonus point scheme, it will be stated in the NUS aces portal (the portal which i got to know i am accepted). I double checked again and again, and yes, I am at least 80% sure now that i am admitted through normal route, with RP 72.75.

I hope my story serves as some motivation for some people here. I believe the universities really did look through our documents despite the high numbers of applications.

As for how i got in, i believe it is because of my internship which is related to CNM (a major in NUS FASS). I talked about my internship in the 200 word essay, and also, i got my boss whom i am really grateful of to write for me a recommendation letter. I won't say what my internship is about here lest i got identified hahas.
And they said FASS is becoming more and more competitive
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