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i subscribe to Unotelly DNS how come i cannot watch Australia movies
i can't VPN to australia and watch these 600 movies FOC ? can you

What kind of device are you using to watch the channel? Are you using VPN or DNS? Are you connecting to the right servers?

You need to know what best suits your purpose before you sign up for a dns/vpn service.

If you are looking to change IP addresses, you most likely will need VPN, whereas if you are just looking to access specific content in certain territories, then DNS is also a viable option (usually cheaper). Many service providers offer both options but not all (e.g. Astrill doesn't offer DNS).

To access content within certain territories, you should also pay attention to where the servers are. For instance, if you want to access Aus content, you should try to see if there is a server in Aus.

Unotelly doesn't have a VPN server in Aus but they do have DNS servers there. Their VPN servers are in US (no torrenting), UK, Netherlands, Canada, and Germany. Not that many. I don't consider them strong in VPN. As their servers aren't that near to us, you shouldn't expect terrific speeds. I happen to need both DNS and VPN services and am able to tolerate slower speeds for VPN, for a lower price*, so unotelly works for me. It might not work for you.

*DNS+VPN = $7.65 USD, but after a discount, it is about USD 4 bucks for this month's subscription. I'm trying out a month first. I also tried Cactus which was faster VPN wise but slower for DNS. DNS speed is critical for me because I need it for live HD streaming. I can tolerate slower VPN speeds as Im prepared to wait a little longer.

I think it is also important to be mindful that different solutions are easier to implement for different devices.

For instance, on my Sony TV and PS3, I can change the DNS server in a jiffy so a DNS solution is more elegant if im interested in netflix. Conversely if i wanted to implement VPN, i would either have to

(i) mount VPN on the router itself (could be more troublesome and there are limitations as often 3rd party firmware flashing is necessary, e.g. asus-merlin wrt, and this is not supported on all routers,e.g. my asus RT-AC56S does not support this), or
(ii) connect the tv/ps3 to my PC via network cards to allow the devices to tap on the PC's VPN connection.

Perhaps there are other solutions, but I have not come across any thus far after doing some web searches.

Even when it comes to mounting VPN, the steps vary for different protocols - OpenVPN versus PPTP/L2TP, etc. I'm interested in mounting VPN on my synology NAS and it was more troublesome to mount the OpenVPN compared to PPTP. For the latter, a simple setup using server address, userid, and password sufficed. For Astrill OpenVPN with the NAS, apart from server access settings, I had to rip a separate certificate file and telnet the .ovpn file to the appropriate folder within the NAS. I don't imagine those born after the MS-DOS era to be comfortable with performing tasks in the command prompt environment, even though one would argue the commands needed for this is relatively simple.

Bottom line - you just have to take some time to learn these things in order to handle this comfortably. No easy way out.

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