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playing 1 -1.5 hours a day when in the mood vs how i used to cheong in the past

Now i do 4 GR 38-40 runs per night which yields about 850 - 900 BS and is 10 mins each for my wd plus if i eng eng i do 1 more bounty run to stock up

i then use the shards on each set piece for the day - today will be the gloves for the new wiz set

so an average of 1 per day has been working well for me

been doing this for a few days and i got the new zumi mojo and gloves, new TR orb and gloves, the met boots, all the new wiz set (except glove), the sader bracers.......... i think can finish all in 2 weeks

thing is, i dont play season so farming T6 is a breeze LOL

Not bad, can do together GRs. U use ur piranando , I use my monk zip zip a few times will kill the pack. fast fast 6min can finish.
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