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Hi, I have not yet received any notification from SMU regarding an interview or a rejection. Does it mean that I have no chance for any of the 3 courses I picked?
I picked:
1) Acct
2) Biz
3) Econs

Can you guys tell me what's my chances of getting an interview?

Graduated: TP Accounting & Finance
GPA: 3.56
L1R4: 11 RAW
L1R5: 14 RAW
*Could minus 2 after CCA points.
SAT Reasoning Test: 2020 (First Attempt)
*Taking my 2nd attempt in May, predicted score: 2200+ ~ 2300+

Part of Accounting Interest Group committee
Took part in NTU Audit and Accounting Challenge
Took part in SMU Tax Competition and ended up in Top 12
Was CSM in NCC(Land) during my secondary school days

Other activities:
Established an online retail store with $5000. Earned $4000 in profit 4 months since its inception.

How do I appeal if I fail to get an interview?
If my appeal is successful, will I be granted an interview?
When can I start appealing? After i have been rejected, or?

Please tell me what are my chances!!!! Thank you!!!
Ur gpa very far from last year's 10th percentile leh
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