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Thumbs up [Hoot]Tea from Kyoto

Since started drinking Ippodo Tea 3 years ago, every 6 months i will go Kyoto to re-stock my supply (Japanese Tea expiry date only around half a year)

I skipped Japan for spring, therefore i decided to import directly from Kyoto itself.

Takashimaya sometimes got this brand of Tea but the prices are double (Even with shipping cost, importing is much cheaper than buying from Takashimaya).

I brought 100 tea bags of Gyokuro which shaded green tea (Grown under shade instead of under full sun). Gyokuro itself is the most expensive type of Green Tea and have sweet unami taste

I also brought 50 tea bags of Hojicha which is roasted green tea. 150 bags should be enough to last me in office for few months until i go Kyoto for re-stocking personally.

For Home, I brought Gyokuro in Can form.

This is the Premium Kanro of Gyokuro. beside you can see the handmade teapot (Tokoname Yakishime Kyusu Teapot handcrafted by master Japanese potter)

The Tea Brand. Ippodo is known to produce the highest quality Japanese tea and is widely use by Top Kaiseki place in Japan.
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