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bce/b b for gp, a for pw and chinese, olevels raw 8, I applied econs for NTU
your A level score is as follows:

Ranking Points/UAS witout MTL: 70
Ranking Points/UAS with MTL: 72

Your A level Ranking Points: 72

IGP Ranking Points for NTU Econs : 75
Difference: -3

even though your results are definitely below the bottom 10% mark (10th percentile) I suggest you go and appeal because you are still close to the cut-off.

Likewise, for other unis if you are unsucessful go and appeal too!

if all else fails, u can choose to retake A levels if you are a guy during NS or ask your OC/JC tutors to write you a stellar testimonial to increase ur admission chances next year.

(NUS and NTU are wayang at a "national level"so a testimonial/ recommendation letter from SAF or any other govt org. will definitely help differentiate u and other borderlime cases)

Also take this time to read up on current affairs, ur poly studies and do reflection to prepare for ur appeal eassay/interview if you are shortlisted!

If not do ur best to catch up n try again next year!
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