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Please dun come com science

in local uni

u all will regret it

dun say nvr warn u all!!!!

I don't think you should keep spreading the fact saying what " don't come com science u will regret it" stuff. If you can't do well in that course, blame it solely on yourself. I know of people who dislike their course subjects and are still in the top 5% of their cohort in the school. Why? They know better than to quit and be a pessimist like you and they know that even if they don't like whatever they are taking, there is a need to score well and competition is naturally stiff because like it or not, THIS IS A UNIVERSITY. You think the working life is a bed of roses? Well think again. It's more of a dog eat dog world out there than in university where all you compete with are your peers bro. Just my thoughts, peace x
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