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Is it not that difficult, however I think of changing course or even quit school. my standard is not good enough for NTU.

cos the environment is a bit too fast paced for me, and it is like more rewarding for those "elite", if you are those average or below average student, your life will only get harder, when u reach year 2 or year 3, ytou might feel that you dun have interest in computing anymore

I have interest in programming and computer, but not this kind of "computing", it is a bit too chim for

I dk how to explain to you here

in short, if you are those zai kia or programming pro, it will be a heaven for you, cos u will enjoy coding and ADVANCE MATH for you, and the MATH is like SUPER CHIM that kind.

If you are those want to just smoke your way through the 4 years and want to just get a normal degree, you might have a very hard time. This course is not for people who want a "easy life".

it is 70% math related content there, it is super chim

if you all really not scare of being trash until siao by FT and JC people...go ahead

If you open house, they wun tell u the hard-truth one la
Your message is pretty crystal. We probably wouldn't know if all others will regret it, but certainly all others knows you regret it badly.

The reason is because you have claimed your incompetency in the course, so I think logic and reasonings pointed out that we can believe the problem is between the keyboard and the chair.

The very fact you can come into the public forum and publicly position your incompetency and claimed the problem is elsewhere is exactly why you can't do well in Computer Science. You basically don't qualify the prerequisite in exercising good judgement in logics.

When you go into an education having your objectives such as "easy life", "smoke your way thru", "get a normal degree", is what we called mismatched of expectation. In the Computer Science stream, we don't want easy life, what want challenging life. We don't want to smoke our way thru because what makes things work is we understand as much as possible of them. We definitely don't like a normal degree, the degree for respectable IT professionals is a pride we carry long after we graduated.

Have you finally realise it ?
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