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Hey folks,

Things are moving forward nicely on our first major milestone, so let's talk a bit about what we will be testing and when!

Internally, we've divided the features and content into two categories: stuff related to the summer test release, and stuff that we won't be testing this summer but we need to have people working on right now to make our longer-term dates.

The latter set of features is much, much larger than the former. The "future" list includes things like the EK and campaign world building, character creation and advancement, voxelization’ and destruction, guild management, economy, and so forth. It's a big list, and we'll be working on this stuff in the background, and revealing it to you as we get deeper and deeper into development.

That said, the "future" list isn't the most important list. The first and most critical feature that we need to tackle is: COMBAT. Specifically, PvP combat. Combat, as a system, actually encompasses a significant amount of functionality, functionality that we absolutely MUST nail first.

Having a solid combat experience means we have a GREAT foundation on which we can build the rest of the game. The opposite is equally true: If the combat system sucks, then the rest of the game—campaigns, kingdoms, fealty trees, etc.—won't matter because no one will care.
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So, here's the deal.

We need some liquid form of currency. Yeah, I know, Blair said he was hoping that we could avoid it, but that's crazy talk. If we don't have SOME kind of transferable currency, it means that everything would have to be bartered -- or, more likely, players would invent their own currencies. That's annoying. No one wants to manage a system where they set their vendors to sell a longsword for X number of chickens or they have to pay their taxes in Y acorns. Could we make that system work? I don't know. Maybe. But it certainly would be less than ideal from a usability perspective.

That said, we can avoid the pitfalls of "common currency" that are typical for a linear PvE game. We can still have the benefits of a player-driven economy, we just need to provide a simple collection of items to facilitate an easy flow of "value" between players.
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