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Can any seniors help me pleaseeeee?

I'm a poly graduate, graduated with a final GPA of 3.68, Diploma with Merit.
Didn't do so well for O levels though.. Only 18 points..

I chionged hard enough during my poly days to win several academic awards during my 3 years though and also received a poly scholarship for my academic achievements...

I have been rejected by both NUS and NTU while still pending for SMU... I am thinking of appealing to NTU... Can any seniors rate my chances of successfully entering either

1) Linguistics & Multilingual Studies
2) Sociology?

Any constructive advice will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!!
What were your choices for NTU? Your GPA is way above both LMS or soci so you have a good chance. You might have gotten them if you put them in your initial choices. Are you local or foreign? What were your O level English grades?
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