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I'm a Singaporean gal, born and bred.

For NUS, I only applied to FASS.

For NTU I applied in the following order:

1) Communications studies (Trying my luck here and failed)
2) Public Policy and Global Affairs
3) Sociology
4) Linguistics & Multilingual Studies
5) History

As you can see, for my NTU choices 2 and beyond, my GPA falls within the IGPs for all of the courses I applied for... I really don't understand why I couldn't get any of these

My O level English is A1.

Thank you so much for replying Havok_ex and cooknoodles!

What would my chances be of appealing to LMS or socio? Any seniors can help?
Wow. The IGP must have really shot up this year. HSS IGP is always in flux. Because of their small intake, their IGP can quickly change each year depending on demand. I would recommend that you appeal to soci since its intake is about 50 students more than LMS. So the chances are higher.
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