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Anyone book before Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku?
The payment is when check in then pay right?
Then the price you pay is according to that day itself de rate? And not the rate when you make reservation?

Cause I email them asked they tell me if lets say I make a reservation online today for 170,000 Yen, and on that day I go I check in the rate is 180,000 I will be paying the 180,000 instead of the 170,000.
Yes, for most hotels in Japan the payment is during check-in in full. I've stayed there a few years ago and yes, the rate varies on a daily basis but if you reserve today at 18,000 yen on the second or third night, they will stick by it. It won't change again. IIRC, they can offer 22% discount if you're staying at least 6 nights. If you're a member, you can request late checkout at 1pm.
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