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Uh.. So I is pay the price which I see during the reservation of the hotel uh?
Cause I email them ask if I make a reservation today and it cost 170,000 Yen. And on the day I check in it the exchange rate make it 180,000 Yen, then I will be paying 180,000 Yen instead of 170,000 Yen and they say yes that is correct.

Cause if like this then I might as well book now cause since by then I also pay the day I check in de rate.

But if the rate I will be paying is the one which I see when making a reservation then I will slowly wait and see which week book has the lowest rate for it.

dun really understand. if u are paying in yen, the rate shld be fixed, nothing to do with exchange rate.

exchange rate only matters if u are paying in other currencies, e.g. using credit card. if using credit card, then it depends on the exchange rate on the day they clear the transection, as well as the admin fee that the credit card charges
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