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Hi Gentoro,

Thanks for the feedback. Can you share which Fujitsu or LG models if you happen to know. Do they have high standby power consumption like Mit?

Can i get your opinion / advice on recommended inverter aircon model and what to look out for?


Just pop by any general AC store eg. Gaincity or Allbest n as. 4 tick is now only available for fujitsu n LG. Can try best denki also.

there aint many model per brand n so stop asking - what model have this n what model have that?

Best I recommend still mit SM. Depend on ur usage n ur hse, the SA will be able to help n recommend u 28VA or 38VA.

I have nvr encounter any AC stall which dun offer such model unless they dun carry Mit SM product. Try other stall n also pls pls... google!
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