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won't recommend buying from All Best, salesman at the shop said the removal of the existing air con fees can be waived and any site survey will warrant a $80 charge. Because I bought a re-sale flat, so definitely will need to remove the existing air con to plaster my wall and also another site survey to discuss where the trucking are for my false celling etc.

They went ahead to charge me $80 for removal and another $80 for site survey with strictly NO ROOM for nego. Way too rigid to run a business this way. Salesman later backed out to say the removal charge cannot be waived.

Just sharing my bed experience. Definitely my first and last time with ALL BEST.
Dismantled is very common to pay right?

My Aircon man also charged me around $100..

If can wave maybe is a friend or very new Aircon then they can able for do resale for used set.
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