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well, a few things

a) i applied literally minutes before deadline. i was overseas and could not access net (death of relative). i realized that i didn't talk about my CCA stuff like council and stuff.

b) i only got my rejection letter AFTER i called smu to ask about my status (coincidence?)

c) do i stand a good chance in appeal if i document my other achievements? i really wanna get into smu!!!
Hmmm I can probably advice to write in about your extenuating circumstance (about how you were unable to give much details about you CCA cause of your relative death) and appeal. However I am not so sure if they will really consider that as a valid reason cause they might ask you back why you could not have applied earlier or something.

But nontheless I can advice you to say that the online application is limited despite having the CCA section as you are unable to present yourself fully as a potential student.

However you may give a shot and try your best!! Good luck!
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