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No problem! If you help you can always PM me will be more than willing to help you!

Anyways to you and those who have not exactly be successful in your uni applications, you may want to refer to this website:

The guy in the website above was rejected from all three uni for three years even after appealing for three consecutive years until NTU EEE (if i am correct) accepted him.

So yes yiu might wanna see his pointers and tips.
No offence, this dude was damn lucky to be accepted, probably the year he was accepted, the competition wasn't that stiff. His methodology is basically what everyone is doing except - please do not go to your MP, you're supposed to be independent in uni, going to them does no **** at all, trust me, if anything, they might be quicker to thrash your appeal. 5th point is valid IF and only IF you know the faculty member OR he/her just so happens to be a very very kind soul and be in a position of power.
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