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i don't know if the PR=foreigner thing is true... everyday i hear different things. i have a PR friend who got into NUS chem engg and his rp was on the dot. he got in like in early april....
But that's so different. NUS chem engine IGP is AAA/B. His grades couldnt have been any better if it was on the dot. Meaning that the foreigners he fought with were all around AAA/B or AAA/A as well. However for your case, your RP is 72. You could be up against foreigners with RP of 80++ which is probably the case. So you will lose out due to the difference between you and other foreigners. Whereas in your friends case, the difference would be very small due to the fact that the max score is only AAA/A.

Nevertheless, I hope your appeal is successful. All the best!
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