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How you guys compare between NTU Accountancy , NUS BBA ( Accountancy) and SMU Accountancy?
There isnt exactly a way to compare across all three cause all of the three unis offer AASCB accredition at the end of the day which is an important accredition if you googled it. NTU was the first uni to get that accredition followed by SMU and then NUS.

NUS accountancy is relatively new compared to NTU and SMU. However one way you can consider is teaching method across all three and flexibility in terms of your curriculum, overseas exposure etc. NUS & NTU are shifting towards seminar style but the interactiveness compared to SMU is lesser.

SMU has greater overseas exposure and exchange is guaranteed once you indicate you want to do exchange. If you are not picky to whichever exchange you will be able to do exchange and credits transfer is rather flexible except that Accounting core you cannot do overseas. For NUS is quite stringent in the process and also I heard credit transfers are a little difficult. NTU not so sure.

However SMU itself is a management university so if you are really sure to be in the business/corporate industry it is a good test bed as every school curriculum regardless of social sci, law, IS all revolves around business modules. Nonetheless SMU has lesser choices compared to NTU and NUS as it is only a partial university.

NUS BBA (Acct.) does not offer direct honours unlike NTU and SMU. For SMU once your GPA falls within the different hnours system you get your hnours and you can still complete it within three years like NTU and with hnours as well.

On top of that SMU education is more towards US style (not fully) but along the line. NTU and NUS are more UK style. SMU has continual assessment so your final examination is about 50% of your grades or sometimes lesser depending on the weightage of components. Continual assessment meaning projects and quizzes etc. If you are tired of UK style where 80-90% of your grades depends on your finals, it might be a good time to switch to the US style.

All in all at the end of day, is not choosing about the perfect uni (no such thing!!! even Harvard and Cambridge isnt a perfect uni). It is about choosing a uni that is perfect for you! And also the uni is able to give you room to grow and develop your potential and not be the same person from the point you start your uni journey till you graduate.

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