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when u going? and the room that u book? i check for u again...
did u count in the tax?
I will be going on 11 and return on 17 October.

Actually I have been keeping a lookout for the room for the past month.
Trying to book the lowest price I can find.
Currently the period I want go the price is 192536Yen.
Then now the lowest price I can from now till October is during 30 Aug to 5 Sept, which only cost 167856Yen for 2x Standard Queen for 6 night.

Few weeks ago I checked the cheapest period is during Aug 2nd week.
So I'm trying to wait and see.
Its like 3 months before the period you going the price is the cheapest from what I observe so far.

So if I wait until the cheapest period I book I can get 2x queen room for a cheaper price then 2x economy. If by then queen room no more then I will just get 2x economy. Cause at first I actually is want economy cause its cheaper and just staying for sleep only. But feel that if can get a more comfortable room and average 1 person 40 bucks more still okay la. The queen room do looks more comfortable and bigger compare to the economy. Though the 40 bucks can roughly pay for me airport limousine from haneda and to narita xD

And I will change my hotel fee this few days then go there pay using cash. In case by then the rate not good. Or you guys feel that I should go there use debit card and pay off?
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