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Nice try scaring people off so that you'll stand a chance with your appeal to that course. Didn't earlier you posted this:

I'm not trying to be a wet blanket here, but he/she is right; sociology is a very popular course and chances of successful appeal is incredibly slim. In socio, the number of students applying exceeds the number of places by a good margin, and don't forget, there is a waiting list for students who perhaps missed the IGP by a little/maybe didn't do very well for the interview but has potential etc etc. And these people on the waiting list has a higher priority than those who are trying to appeal (if you have been rejected in the first place, not v sure about the chances for those who wish to switch course)

I've been through this whole university application experience before last year (this is my second time applying) and I did lots of calls to the administration before, and this is what they told me :/
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