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hey there actually I was from poly and my gpa was 3.61.

I also went to the interview last week!! I checked my status on the portal and it said I got accepted, although I have yet to receive the letter. Just curious, was philosophy your first choice? I do have an interest in philosophy but I'm actually worried about the "new-ness" of the course in NTU since it only started last year.

Hey! Thanks for replying Oh oops my bad haha. That's awesome btw, congrats!!

My portal didn't state anything about my status, so I'm a bit nervous and worried at the same time.. Hopefully I'll receive something from them soon especially since the portal is about to close :'( And no haha philo was my third choice but after doing some in depth research, philo seems like a great choice especially if you want to go into fields such as journalism/comms I understand what you mean though; during the interview I asked the profs about internship opportunites for philo students and he couldn't really give me a specific answer cos they only launched the course last year haha
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