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Do need advise from all the hokkaido experts (First Timer)
Will be travelling from 30Jul-08Aug2015 to hokkaido

Day 1-3
Reach Sapporo-Chitose 9plus
Take JR to Asahikawa or Biei
Pick up car at Asahikawa or Biei to B&B
Travel around Furano/biei

Day 3-6
Return rental car
Set off to Hakodate from Asahikawa/biei via JR
Accomodation in Hakodate
Roam around hakodate
Any recommendation of food & places to visit.

Day 6-9
Set off to Sapporo city
Check in Hotel and roam around sapporo city
Visit Otaru

Day 9
afternoon flight back sg

1. Any advise whether i should pick up rental car in Asahikawa or Biei? My B&B is in Biei (Pension Muginoho)
2. For rental cars, which rental company should i go for?
3. For the JR-Pass, how many days pass should i get to get the best value? I am only driving for 2-3 days (within Furano) and will prefer to take the fastest route to the Hakodate from day3
4. Local sim card is compatible with samsung 4g phones? Which telco to go for?
5. Anything else to take note?

i be boarding the return flight from sapporo-chitose therefore i chosen to visit Hakodate first.

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