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Thanks for the info! I was looking at Himeji and Kobe and it seems like there's nothing much (oh btw, im not getting JR pass, maybe kansai thru pass? not sure yet cos it seems like it's not very worth it).

Osaka Itinerary as follows:
Day 1: Osaka Tenmangu Shrine, Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street, Osaka Museum of Housing and Living, Mitsui Outlet Park, Namba area, Denden, Dotonbori (staying in this area)

Day 2: Ramen Museum, Umeda/Osaka Station area (Shopping, Hep 5), Kamigata Ukiyo-e Museum.

Day 3: USJ

Day 4: Osaka Castle, Osaka History Museum, Rinku Premium Outlet (flight at 11.30pm)

I'm thinking of squeezing my Kyoto into 2.5 days den with this one extra day I have no firm plans yet. Anything must visit that I did not list out? Considering suggestion of Kobe/Heimeji if there's nth else in Osaka.

My plan to shorten Kyoto is because my friend say she did Kyoto in 1 day and was shocked that I leave 3 full days for it.

u can get bus pass to get ard Kyoto. otherwise u dun need any passes if it is just nara, Kyoto and Osaka. if u are going Himeji, u can get 1-day JR west kansai area pass.

looks like u are squeezing a lot of places for Osaka. u may want to prioritises in case u cant cover everything. u can also consider going Osaka aquarium.

1 day for Kyoto is really too short, even if touch-and-go also difficult to cover all the main attractions.
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